Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Weekend Summary

When most people think what to do on a Saturday afternoon, usually it includes sleeping in, catching up on a television series, or cleaning the house. What did I do on my wonderful Saturday afternoon? Spend 5 hours in the library trying to figure out the "answer" to a tax memo. Thankfully, DB had a work presentation to work on so he accompanied me to the wonderful campus of Oregon State and we sat and worked the afternoon away. One would hope that after hours of slipping though the pages of the I.R.C. that I would have a clue about what I should be doing. After all, this is the future career I aspire to have... but no, I was sheets of scrap paper down and more confused than ever. Anyone who knows me is aware that I have the attention span of The Beagle, so after 5 hours I had enough. Back to DB's house we went where I made some delicious char sie fried rice with added CSA veggies.

Sunday proved far more productive. DB, The Beagle and I went up to Aumsville to go 4-wheeling with DB's niece and her boyfriend. (cute, I know) That evening DB and I went to China Night at OSU for a celebration of Chinese New Year. The celebration features various Chinese dances performed from community members and delicious southeastern dinner. One of my favorite dishes was served which is soy sauce chicken. Unfortunately, as with this dish, many dishes I adore contain soy sauce which contains wheat. But hell, it was CNY.... I was going to go all out and be a rebel. I ate some of the chicken and it was delicious. During the evening, there was a couple's competition inspired by Valentine's Day. My law-student-competitive-self dragged DB on stage where we competed against 2 other couples in a game of charades. We had 3 categories to choose from. Sports, food, or Chinese zodiacs. Clearly, DB and I chose sports. The end result? We won! The prize? A heart-shaped box of chocolates! Oh wait... this means I will have to eat this box of chocolates because DB doesn't eat chocolate.

We left the celebration an hour early because I had to drive back down to Eugene that night. Being the dear sweet man that he is, DB took us to Dairy Queen for ice cream. yum!

I got my new tri top over the weekend and I got to try it out today during my swim with SB. It's higher cut and works way better than a sports bra. Investment well worth it. I'm still wearing my old bikini bottoms, and though I get a bit of butt-crack when I flip turn, I don't want to dole out mucho $$ for a tri bottom. It'll work, especially since the Beaver Freezer swim is only 500m.


I ate about half of the chocolates Sunday night. Why? Because I came home to find that my washing machine threw a party while I was gone and flooded my laundry room. Carpet, ruined. Floor, very wet. Jayme, emotional eater.

I threw the rest of the chocolates in the trash on Monday. Monday afternoon while I was in class, The Beagle ate the remaining chocolates in the trash. (along with half an onion). Perhaps The Beagle is an emotional eater as well? Perhaps.

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