Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in Review

January: First Run & Walk 5K

March: Adidas Shamrock Run 8K

April: Beaver Freezer Sprint Triathlon

May: Blue Lake Oly Triathlon

June: Hagg Lake Oly Triathlon

June: Amica Series Oly Triathlon

August: Hood to Coast Relay

September: Corvallis Fall Festival 10K

September:Madras Sprint Triathlon

October: Astoria mini-Sprint Triathlon

November: Sherwood Turkey Trot 10K

December: PIR Winter Wonderland of Lights 6miler

I wish I had pictures from each event, but I don't. Goals for next year:
Track my workouts better
Finish a Half IM
Doing something (race) once a month!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm a not so healthy eater

Let's just go over a rundown of what I ate today:

  • 3 slices of GF homemade bread slathered in b-u-t-t-e-r

  • one Costco hotdog sans the bun with ketchup and onions

  • Multiple samples of chips and cheese

  • 3 servings of those crack filled chipoltle cheese rice and bean chips

  • Giant bowl of edamane

  • Roasted Asparagus

  • Rice protein mixed with chocolate rice milk.

  • an apple

  • an orange

okay, so the Holidays really put a damper on my diet. Actually, I think it's living at home. ugh Can't wait til summer.

I had a really good time running with the group tonight. It was below freezing but dry. I love sunny cold days.

What are your NYE plans? TH and I are hanging out with the JD fam and making fondue. yum

Workout:Run with the group: 3 x 1 mile intervals. Total of 5.48 miles including the rest period (according to the Garmin) Max speed: 11mph roughly a 5:50 pace.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Workout: Bike Trainer 30 miles 100 minutes. ew.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 100.

This is my official 100th post. Wish I had something exciting and crazy to report... but I don't. Spent all day in Vancouver helping step father with his big rig. Made a record 5 trips to Home Depot. Wanted to drop kick an ugly puppy by that 5th one, let me tell you. I then rushed home during rush hour..bahaha.... to quickly change and meet up with my running group. We were scheduled to do a 3-5 mile track run, but the track was not lit so we ran around the property. I quit and wussed out at 4 miles. I felt that we held a fast pace for me, though I now feel guilty for being a big girl and doing the entire 5 miles or at least pushing my pace more. It was nice to not be so sore after my "long" run yesterday. I'm ice bathing and swimming all the time now. Work tomorrow. Hope to either do some spinning after or gym maybe. I fear the 5pm crowds though.

I am in love with the Garmin though. Awesome to see my run info mile/mile. Tonight reaffirmed my need to be more consistent with my pace.

Anyone else ready for summer? I'm moving to southern California.. just not right now with all the rain they're having.

Workout: 4.09 miles Time: 34.51.88 Pace: 8:32/mi.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Another Rainy Day

I set a goal to do another "long" run today. Last night I put in a long gym session of 15min elliptical, 15 min row 10 min stair stepper, weights, abs, 10 min elliptical. So this isn't as long as I have done in the past, but I also haven't been to the gym in about 3 months. My butt was a bit sore from the lunges I did, but nothing unbearable. More of the feel good sore. The forecast the next week is rain, rain, and wind. Around 10am it wasn't raining, just overcast. I gussied myself up to go running. After all I had a new watch to test out. I filled my two bottles with 16 oz of Gatorade (I wanted to mix it up from the HEED). The weather was perfect for running. Overcast and cool. My knees felt fine and it was really cool to see my pace and my mile times. My goal for the Half marathon in a few weeks is to finish within 2 hours. I convinced myself that I would need to run an average of a 9 min/mile. So far I had guesstimated that on my long runs, I was pacing about 9 to 10 min/mile. I don't know if it was because I had on the Garmin or what but my pace overall was: 9 min exactly. Ha. Most of my miles were under 9 min but there were a few that kicked my butt. I also did drink all my Gatorade. I only finished one bottle (8oz).

I decided to take an ice bath after the run. I did it and it felt AMAZING. I only got into my thighs because I was scared and too impatient to wait for the tub to fill to my hips. Plus, my hips are rarely sore. It felt marvelous. Doing it again. Momma Bear was actually motivated to go "swimming" today so after my ice bath, I went to the pool with her. Unfortunately, lifeguard training was happening so we couldn't swim laps. We instead splashed around and kicked back and forth until the kiddos took over the rec swim space, forcing Momma Bear and I retreated to the hot tub. 15 minutes later, we headed to the showers.

I think the 2 minutes of semi-swimming really helped to loosen my legs. Next time I hope I can actually do some real swimming to loosen my arms from the weights yesterday.

Workout: Run 11.02 miles, 1:39:10 Pace: 9:00/mi

My splits were all over the page. I'm going to try to smooth things out over the next few weeks.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Review

Well, Christmas is finally over and I can look forward to New Year's. I traveled more than I would have liked and spent time with my family. I ran less then I should have, swam only once, spend zero time on my bike, and ate more sugar and fat than is normal, even more than the average American. My Christmas week started when TH and I drove down to Stayton to take "secret" pictures with his family. It was kind of fun and TH even joked that it was like getting wedding photos done. Awkward.... but Lord knows I love them awkward boys. Here are a couple of my favorites:
I then picked up my brother at PDX and then we drove to Bremerton, Washington to visit my Dad and Gma. Spent 3 days there then drove back to Mama Bear's home. I drove back down to have Christmas with TH in Corvallis, and then back up to Mama Bear's and then we all drove to Ocean Park, Washington to have Christmas there. Thank goodness I got a swim workout with TH one of those days because I was having some serious training withdrawals. Eating and then not working out really reeks havoc on my sanity. I got some pretty awesome goods over the week, if I must say. I am forever using Amazon wish lists. You get what you want, and nothing you don't. Sure nothing is a complete surprise but there's still mystery involved since I chose not to look at my wish list buying history.

the Goods:

ChoPat Compression Sleeve. Like my horrible over-pronation?

Not on my wish list. Actually, I was there with TH when he bought this. Borders was having a huge store closing sale. Exciting none the less.

RoadID! Ankle strap. Reflective. Red. I have freakishly thin ankles.

Okay not on my wish list either. Not even for me originally. These are two flashing LED dog collars. They were too big for the dogs so now the two clipped together make a new nighttime running belt for me.

AEROBARS! yay! I'm now so much cooler then I once was. bahaha

Garmin 405! yes yes yes! Mama Bear told me I could get an entry level Rolex for the price of this baby. I told her I haven't graduated from law school yet. ;) Guess what? I also have freakishly tiny wrists as well! That thing is like an inch too big for me. meh I love it anyways. Instead of explaining what the watch does, Google it. There are mixed reviews but after weighing the other options and aesthetics (coz THOSE are important), I added this sucker to the wish list.

TH also got me a dog camera that fits on The Beagle's collar and takes snapshots from his point of view. Beagle spy cam? You bet!
TH also purchased me a pink race belt/running skirt. I don't know where it is right now. I think I left it at TH's home.

I took the Garmin for a run on the beach the other day. Being high tide I had to run in the not-so-packed sand. I had a speedy pace of 10:53. This is SUPER SUPER slow for me folks. I run a 9ish mile pace in my olympic tri 10Ks! I really hope it was because of the sand.
Time to get back to real life. Time to start running for realz again. Time to cut out sugar again. Seriously, My body is so much happier that way. Okay, maybe I'll wait until I start my officially 70.3 training. The birthday is coming up and I want me some cake.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

heading to Washington in the a.m.

Workout: Run 10 miles. Knees sore as hell . crap

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Had another lazy day. Momma Bear attempted to make some Mexican Chocolate Souffle. Needless to say we each ate 4 of them. Met up with the running group tonight for intervals. Kicked my butt (or should I say lungs). Afterwards I spent $20 on a quarter tank of gas (whoop) and got some Bragg's Aminos and brown rice protein powder. I try to avoid soy whenever there is an alternative. There are a ton of soy protein products out there and whey. Dairy isn't my thing and I have enough soy in my diet so rice protein it is. I'm trying to add more protein to my diet this next season and I hope it helps calm down my linebacker appetite.

Workout: Run Intervals: 1 1/2 mile warm up, 2X 400m, 12X 200m, 1 mile cool down.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Date recap

The run went great. I have no idea what I was worried about We talked about triathlons and such. Plan on doing intervals this Thursday with the group.

Got home and made the most fabulous breakfast burrito with TJ's Rice Flour Tortillas. NUMNUM

First day back at work in over 3 weeks tomorrow. whoa.

Workout: Run just over 5 miles on the track (felt soopa on the knees!)

um.. Toto?

I'm sitting in my jammies watching the news talking about a tornado in Oregon right now. Um... last time I checked Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, not the Midwest. I could be wrong though. Scary thing is that it touched down in the town TH's parents live in. They live outside of town so all is well but it's still a little scary. About 2 and a half years ago there was a small tornado in Vancouver, WA but it didn't seem as bad.

I have a first date with my running group tonight. I've been part of their "group" on for about a month now but because of scheduling and cancellations I have yet to have a run with them. TH actually ran with the organizer during the WinterWonderland Run a few weeks ago but we didn't know it was the same guy until we left. Is it normal to be nervous about the meetup? Am I fast enough? Athletic enough? Cool enough? They all know I do triathlons and they think I'm super badass for that but little do they know that just because I do triathlons doesn't mean I'm supper fast or athletic. I'm not sure what kind of workout this will be. This is their weekly track workout at a local high school but I'm not sure if they will be doing speed work or just laps around the track. Hopefully speed work. I haven't sprinted since high school but running laps around the track just seems BORING.

Hopefully, I will have a successful recap later tonight.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I think The Beagle has a food allergy. He's been itching and licking everything on his body non stop. The thing is... I switched his food about 2 months ago and the itching only started about 2 weeks ago from what I could tell. And NO, HE DOES NOT HAVE FLEAS or any other creepy crawlies. The trip to the coast was uneventful. It was super windy and rainy so we only went on the beach for about 15 minutes where The Beagle was allowed to run free as I frantically kept calling him back towards me worried that... I don't even know what I was worried about, he had no where to go. Plus, it was rainy and cold, he hates the rain and cold. He wasn't going anywhere without me. TH and I got back this morning and I convinced myself to go for a short run with The Beagle. I ate half a cheesecake this weekend. I made it from scratch so it's okay? bah. feel like crap now. It's funny how when i eat healthy, I'm more motivated to work out and do healthy things. When I eat like crap, I feel like crap, and then I don't want to do anything but veg on the couch. This isn't rocket science, but it's the story of my life.

In other news, for the first time ever, I finished all my finals during the first full week of finals. In law school we have 2 and a half weeks of finals. It's not like we have a test every single one of those days but they are spread out and we are not allowed to switch when they occur. Really unless we have a billion in one day, we have no say in when we can take the exams. It's really nice logging on to Facebook or my email account and seeing all these messages about exams when I know I'm already done. I've always have had horrific scheduling during finals so I think it's okay for me to bask in all this "glory" that is winter break.

I'm stuck between 2 HIM training plans for next spring. The 20 wk BeginnerTriathlete one or the 18 wk TriNewbie one. The largest difference is that one schedules by minutes and the other does by distance. Last year I used an Olympic distance plan that scheduled by minutes and ended up trying to convert into distance. Maybe I just answered my own question...any thoughts?

Workout: Run easy 3 miles with The Beagle

Saturday, December 11, 2010

when it rains, go running?!

I had my 12 mile run scheduled for today. Today happens to be the rainiest day of the year (according to the weathermen). They were right too. I decided to suck it up and go out on my run to work on my mental toughness if anything else. Well I was freezing cold. I hate running any any jackets because they get all steamy and gross. I wore running capri tights and a long sleeve tech shirt. I also had the typical baseball hat on as well. I set off and I was fine at first. Then around mile 6ish I started to get really really cold. 2 hours later, I made it home with about 20 lbs worth of wet clothes (no joke here ppl). When I get in the shower, my whole body got all itchy from the change in temperature. I also couldn't feel my hands or anything else on my body for the first 10 minutes. hum. After I was showered and my legs were compressed, Momma Bear and I headed out for The Costco. Got some good eats and now I'm back home waiting for TH to drive over so we can head to the coast, where's there's a flood warning. I was really surprised how "okay" I felt during the run. I typically enjoy running in the rain so I think that helped my mood. I was miserable after I got cold though. I don't think I will be running any further distances between now and the half mary. I'll probably do another 12 miler and then work my way back down.

It's really nice not having any studying to do at the moment. I should probably be job hunting, but whatever. I don't want to right now. Maybe I will at the coast later this weekend while sipping wine, eating cheese, and sitting in front on the fireplace while I listen to the stormy weather outside and with The Beagle at my feet and TH cooking in the kitchen. Jealous? you should be.

Workout: Run 13 miles (I originally planned to walk the last mile but I got so cold I kept running) Time: 2:10.

Thursday, December 9, 2010


another semester bites the dust and it's on to the final countdown. The final blew btw.

I got to go to get GF cupcakes with my dear friend AG and they were delicious. We then convinced each other to go to the mall. Got a pair of riding boots. Not the quality leather ones I've been eyeing, but these were $20. What ev.

I downloaded a 20 week Half IM workout plan. It should work out to be starting in mid-February. I feel like I'm not doing enough "off season" training right now. I need to set some goals for biking and lifting weights.

Workout: Swim 3200m

PS: Question: Does anyone else get sneezing fits after a pool workout? I'm 99% sure it's the chlorine but I also get bouts of sneezes after swimming in my local pool that uses salts.

PPS: 12 mile run this weekend! aaaaaaaaahCheck Spelling

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Revolution 3

Well Merry Christmas to me. I just got myself a race registration for Christmas and my birthday and for graduation. Guess who's committed to swimming 1.2 miles then biking 56 miles then running a half marathon?! I AM. Mark your calenders folks because I expect all of you west of the Cascades to witness my pain on July 10, 2010.!/portland/index.htm

I've been putting off registering for Pac Crest becuase I can and it's over 6 months away. Well Patrick from TheRoad informed me about this new event for 2011 and I couldn't resist.

Only a triathlete could justify spending $$$ to induce physical damage over a shopping spree, all while studying for the bar exam.
Evidence final tomorrow. Spent all day studying for something I should already know. ugh

Workout: Nighttime 4 mile run. Freaked myself out a little bit b/c I decided to run out to the middle of nowhere where it was pitch black. Def had the rape spray in hand. Shhhh! don't tell Mama Bear. She would beat me for running alone, in the dark, in the middle of nowhere.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

workout: Run 4 miles with The Beagle

Monday, December 6, 2010

Workout: Post Final swim: 1500m. That is all.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Big 1-0

I did it! On a beautiful December afternoon I pounded out a 10 mile run. My very first in fact. The weather was perfect. I started out in tights and a long sleeve thermal top. Took the top off at mile 2 and ran in a t-shirt for the first time since.... I can't remember. Sunny days are a rarity in Oregon, especially during the winter months. When I finally made it home I immediately iced my knees because they were super sore. I took a shower and downed 2 cups (a whole can) of chicken broth. That stuff is amazing btw. Lots of sodium and protein and it goes down easily.

I don't know why the pic is upside down. I tired to fix it but no luck.

Workout: Run 10 miles roughly 90 minutes

Friday, December 3, 2010

Workout: Run 5.7 miles

Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

Finals are next week. I've been studying. Probably not as much as I should.... but I've been getting stuff done. I'm not sure how much more Bankruptcy I can shove through my ears. I went to a coffee shop here in "Beaver Country" and I realized (yet again) how retentive and neurotic and set in my ways when it comes to studying. When I study at Da Law Lib (read: law school library) I don't notice anything weird about how I study because I'm guaranteed to see someone else with weirder (more weird?) "habits". But no, when I'm all alone at a coffee shop with the rest of the "normal" population I notice how much tab and then frantically un-tab my code books, read and re-read supplements and sit there nonstop for 5 hours.

TH and I got Civil War tickets (OSU Beavers vs UO Ducks) for Saturday. I'm not going into the game all excited about the Beavers since Ducks are undefeated and Beavs are.... not so much. TH and I plan to leave the game at half and then more studying for me!

see: proof that I'm not just watching TV and stuffing my face!

Not quite sure what TH is doing here but The Beagle looks peaceful.

I got old lady compression socks last night. AMAZING! Even after my silly puke-y 2 mile-ish walk/run.

Wednesday: I felt like crap. Half ran 2 miles and almost threw up at mile 1. What the heck?
Thursday: 2 mile walk with the doggies, Trainer for 20 miles (according to my odometer)