Thursday, December 9, 2010


another semester bites the dust and it's on to the final countdown. The final blew btw.

I got to go to get GF cupcakes with my dear friend AG and they were delicious. We then convinced each other to go to the mall. Got a pair of riding boots. Not the quality leather ones I've been eyeing, but these were $20. What ev.

I downloaded a 20 week Half IM workout plan. It should work out to be starting in mid-February. I feel like I'm not doing enough "off season" training right now. I need to set some goals for biking and lifting weights.

Workout: Swim 3200m

PS: Question: Does anyone else get sneezing fits after a pool workout? I'm 99% sure it's the chlorine but I also get bouts of sneezes after swimming in my local pool that uses salts.

PPS: 12 mile run this weekend! aaaaaaaaahCheck Spelling

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