Saturday, December 11, 2010

when it rains, go running?!

I had my 12 mile run scheduled for today. Today happens to be the rainiest day of the year (according to the weathermen). They were right too. I decided to suck it up and go out on my run to work on my mental toughness if anything else. Well I was freezing cold. I hate running any any jackets because they get all steamy and gross. I wore running capri tights and a long sleeve tech shirt. I also had the typical baseball hat on as well. I set off and I was fine at first. Then around mile 6ish I started to get really really cold. 2 hours later, I made it home with about 20 lbs worth of wet clothes (no joke here ppl). When I get in the shower, my whole body got all itchy from the change in temperature. I also couldn't feel my hands or anything else on my body for the first 10 minutes. hum. After I was showered and my legs were compressed, Momma Bear and I headed out for The Costco. Got some good eats and now I'm back home waiting for TH to drive over so we can head to the coast, where's there's a flood warning. I was really surprised how "okay" I felt during the run. I typically enjoy running in the rain so I think that helped my mood. I was miserable after I got cold though. I don't think I will be running any further distances between now and the half mary. I'll probably do another 12 miler and then work my way back down.

It's really nice not having any studying to do at the moment. I should probably be job hunting, but whatever. I don't want to right now. Maybe I will at the coast later this weekend while sipping wine, eating cheese, and sitting in front on the fireplace while I listen to the stormy weather outside and with The Beagle at my feet and TH cooking in the kitchen. Jealous? you should be.

Workout: Run 13 miles (I originally planned to walk the last mile but I got so cold I kept running) Time: 2:10.

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