Monday, December 13, 2010


I think The Beagle has a food allergy. He's been itching and licking everything on his body non stop. The thing is... I switched his food about 2 months ago and the itching only started about 2 weeks ago from what I could tell. And NO, HE DOES NOT HAVE FLEAS or any other creepy crawlies. The trip to the coast was uneventful. It was super windy and rainy so we only went on the beach for about 15 minutes where The Beagle was allowed to run free as I frantically kept calling him back towards me worried that... I don't even know what I was worried about, he had no where to go. Plus, it was rainy and cold, he hates the rain and cold. He wasn't going anywhere without me. TH and I got back this morning and I convinced myself to go for a short run with The Beagle. I ate half a cheesecake this weekend. I made it from scratch so it's okay? bah. feel like crap now. It's funny how when i eat healthy, I'm more motivated to work out and do healthy things. When I eat like crap, I feel like crap, and then I don't want to do anything but veg on the couch. This isn't rocket science, but it's the story of my life.

In other news, for the first time ever, I finished all my finals during the first full week of finals. In law school we have 2 and a half weeks of finals. It's not like we have a test every single one of those days but they are spread out and we are not allowed to switch when they occur. Really unless we have a billion in one day, we have no say in when we can take the exams. It's really nice logging on to Facebook or my email account and seeing all these messages about exams when I know I'm already done. I've always have had horrific scheduling during finals so I think it's okay for me to bask in all this "glory" that is winter break.

I'm stuck between 2 HIM training plans for next spring. The 20 wk BeginnerTriathlete one or the 18 wk TriNewbie one. The largest difference is that one schedules by minutes and the other does by distance. Last year I used an Olympic distance plan that scheduled by minutes and ended up trying to convert into distance. Maybe I just answered my own question...any thoughts?

Workout: Run easy 3 miles with The Beagle


  1. Murphy humping my leg was "eventful".

  2. Just something to look into for the Beagle's itching... 1. If you are able to, compare the ingredients between the new food and the old food and see if any of the proteins or fibers are significantly different. For example the new one has beef instead of chicken. And for fibers check corn vs. wheat vs. beet pulp or something. Usually it is the proteins that dogs are allergic to. 2. It could be something seasonal, dogs get seasonal allergies too! Maybe the christmas tree? or something else in the air. 3. If he is really itching, you can give him normal human medicine, at child's dosages. Anything that will make us sleepy, will make him sleepy too. Be careful though! If you do decide to try allergy meds, caution with liquids... if they contain xylitol(artificial sweetener as in gum) that is very bad for dogs! Very poisonous.

    Or maybe he'll just stop itching on his own :)