Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Procras a mas

I'm such a bad student.  You'd think of all the years I've spent in school I'd be a stellar student.  Quite the opposite.  I've pretty much decided it will be impossible to write another page on patent litigation.  I've also forgotten how to read before class.  I met up with a friend from high school who I haven't seen for about 7 years.  It was great to catch up on our lives and even some old school gossip.  I also may have convinced her to do the Half Rev3 Tri with me.  This girl will likely win the swim portion.  I do not kid.

Speaking of the Rev 3....

I've been such a horrible athlete on top of being a horrible student!.   I'm amazing at eating sugar and baking, but horrible at being a student student and athlete.  Today was the first day that Portland was going to reach 60 degrees.  It didn't happen but it came close.  We have also had one of the rainiest March's of all time.  I blame this for why I haven't ridden my bike.  I also need a more productive way to ride on my trainer.  I will occasionally pound out a couple of hours, but my intensity is non existent.  I will occasionally go to the spin classes offered at the gym, and while they offer intensity, they don't offer time in the saddle.   Fifty-six miles will going to come too soon.  I really hope once Oregon decides that it's spring and summer that I will get some time outside and have the motivation  to ride hard.  And find some hills seeing that the bike ride will make a very honest athlete out of anyone. 

I forced myself to mail in my Bar application today.  Goodbye $625. plus shipping.  Hello Bar exam in a few months.   aaaaaaaaaaah.  

3.5 mile run today between the treadmill and running to the pool
quick 1000yd swim.



I apparently, no longer post pics on my blog.  Will work on this because I know you ALL have been missing The Beagle's precious puppy-face.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Looking for...

Missing:  ChoPat compression sleeves:

Last seen:  Shamrock run

Reward:  me not having to fork out another $40 for a new pair.



Target has running skorts for $17.99.   WIN

Hot coffee and whey protein powder = FAIL

Cold coffee and whey protein powder = WIN

Not being anywhere near inshape for this weekend's Sprint Tri =  FAIL

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can we just skip Spring and go straight to Summer?

Could someone please tell me where the heck you bloggers live that are talking about weather in the 70's and 80's?   It was 34 degrees this morning, but sunny(!!) so I went outside to run.  What a treat.  It's pathetic.  Running in 34 degrees is a treat for me when some of you are complaining about the heat?!   Who wants to find me a job, house, free rent someplace warm?  Okay? Thanks.  While it has warmed up a bit (52 degrees *whoop whoop*), the wind has picked up and we're expecting rain and clouds for the next....  10+ days.  sooupaa....   

Have you guys been enjoying your Spring Break?  I've been spending it catching up on projects and papers.  mostly procrastinating, but I started working again on my ginormous paper today.  The motivation is dwindling (hence why I'm actually updating my blog).  T-minus4 days and then it's back to the grind.

I'm suppose to get my 2nd pair of shoes in the mail today or tomorrow.  I can't remember if I said this earlier, but TH and I got refitted for shoes at RRS.  We both kept the molded inserts.  TH returned his soes because he doesn't believe in spending money on new shoes. (aka he's "responsible"   whatever..)  I opted to buy last year's model of the shoes they recommended online.  they stuck me in a neutral shoe because of my high arches.  I think this is complete bull shit because Yes, I have high arches, but I also pronate like Big Foot.  I think the inserts helped a ton, but I'm weary about these neutral shoes.  I've never been in a neutral shoe.  I've ALWAYS been fitted with stability or even motion control.  I pronate in them, but so far my shins have been  "okay".  Not fabulous... but "okay".  I can tell that the extra cushioning they provide has helped relieve my shin pain that my Mizuno Alchemys did not provide, but the pronation scares me.  Because of this I opted to buy a 2nd pair (and thy were on sale) of stability plus cushioning shoes.  I think the Neutrals will be okay on shorter runs and treadmill runs but I'm looking forward to the time tested stability shoe.  so for specs I am currently running in Adidas Adistar Ride 2  shoes and I will be rotating in Saucony ProGrid Guide 3s once I get them.

 Wish me luck.

Workouts:  (like I've been tracking THAT welll.)

4.32 mile run with the Beagle.  Pace: 9:33 (WHOA.. slow but it was my first run on pavement so I was scuuured.
Swim directly after run:  1750 yds:   500 WU, 5X100s, 10X 50p, 250 CD.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Robe Free

I few of my graduating classmates have started a group to go "robe-free" at commencement.  To RENT (yes RENT, not PURCHASE) the robes costs $70 plus a $10 cleaning fee.  Now, I asked my mom about her opinion on this and she was like "just wear your old one."  Unfortunatly, being the future juris doctorates we're about to become, our robes are the funky ones with poofy black and purple sleeves and we have a poofy hat.  Freecycling is not an option.  The goal is to donate the $80 that would have been spent to rent to robes to a charity.  To be honest, I'm not all that excited to walk down the stage because we get to spend the 2 months following sitting in a freezing air conditioned law school classroom studying for the Bar.  And then we get to take the Bar exam.  And then we get to wait 2 more months to see if we passed or not.  I'm mainly walking at commencement for my family.  I think this is more improtant for them then it really is for me.  I'm fine with going to commencement, but I think $80 is ridiculous and that my $80 can go towards a lot of better causes then to fund the monopoly known as Jostens. 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Saturday I went out on a trail run with The Beagle.  It was 47 and partly sunny.  I went up to Chip Ross Park and ran 2 miles out which was completely up hill in the mud and then slightly downhill.  It was painful but it was good for me.  The 2 miles back were the opposite, so slightly uphill until a very sleet muddy section where I had to walk because it was crazy.  Overall it felt  really good to be outside with nature and The Beagle.  He was a complete mud ball, but he was super happy.  Beagles love the smells of nature.

I woke up today pretty sore from the trail run meaning I need to do it more often.  It's easy on my shins and mixes things up a bit. My shoulders and back were tired along with my hips and quads.  I started my 3 hour trainer ride for the day.  Played some N64 while on it.  Best Idea Ever.  After 2 hours in, TH wanted to ride outside because the weather was nice.  I went along and we pounded out about 11 miles outside.  It killed me.  the trainer cannot replace the real world.

The week has been good training wise.  Diet wise.... not so much.  working on that one this week.

Friday, March 4, 2011

I think my head just expanded.

Lane Mate: *completely out of the blue*  So, who do you swim for?
Me: Pause... I don't swim for anyone.
LM: Did you use use to be on a swim team?
Me: Nope.. I played a little water polo in high school and college
LM: oh
Me.  I just swin for triathlons now

True story.  I'm glad someone thinks I'm badass with my 1:40 min 100's and crooked flip turns.  lol

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Age: 24

Bed Size: Full

Chore you hate: taking out the trash

Dogs: Murph-a-licious

Essential Start your day item: Breakfast (I never skip it)

Favorite Color: Blue?

Gold or Silver Gold

Height: short

Instruments you play: piano

Job Title: broke ass law student

Kids: Murph-a-licious

Live: Oregon

Mom's Name: Mamma Bear

Nicknames: Jame, Jaymers, James, Bunch

Overnight Hospital Stays: none

Pet Peeve: High school girls at school

Quote from a Movie: “I was hiding under your porch because I love you!” UP

Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: one

Time you wake up: anywhere between 5:30am and 9am

Underwear: yes?

Vegetable you dislike: Bitter melon

What makes you late: Murph-a-licious' presents that he leaves me in the house

x-Rays you've had done: a lot

Yummy food you make: I make it all

Zoo animal favorite: River Otters!

On Track Wednesday

Wednesdays are my Get Shit Done days.  As of late, they haven't gone as planned but today is looking good.  Although I did sleep in, I just got back from completing another run and swim AND I made some black bean hummus.  I fell like I have a lot of school work that I've been slacking off on.  I have a 15 page paper on patent litigation to write, a presentation on customer discrimination in the workplace, and I have to research federal energy policy related to the current Congress.  Ideally, I'd get a good jump start on all of these projects, but we'll see.  My goal is to get off the blog-o-sphere and keep the TV off.  I've already worked out for the day so that can't be an excuse. 

Flattering Photo of the Day:

Run: 3 miles (Mile 1: 9:00  Miles 2 and 3: 400m intervals of 7:40 on and 9:30 off)
Swim (immediately after the run): 300yd warmup; 10x 50yd sprints with 10secs btwn; 200yd cooldown)  It's recovery week after all so my distances are low

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Runner's high

Oh Hai there Crazies!

 I RAN YESTERDAY NIGHT!!!!   Yay.  I was even excited about running on the treadmill!  It was great!  It was fantastic and THAT is saying a lot because I HATE the dreadmill.  

I chose to run on the treadmill because it was 8:30pm at night and I needed to run on a softer surface.  The chip path at the high school would have been an option but it would have been a little spooky because it's not lit and it would have also been very very wet and muddy with all the rain/snow we've had.  it was also 37 degrees outside and super windy.    I kept my pace just over  a 9 min/mile.  It felt slow, but I didn't want to push anything.  I limited myself to 3 miles and felt good.  I was happy that I didn't feel like a pack-a-day smoker after not running for so long but at the same time this was only 3 miles, not 10.  Tonight I went to spin class and tomorrow I have a swim and another 3 miles treadmill jog in the planner.  I hope this stays good.  I iced last night and have kept massaging the shin. 

Fingers crossed.

Monday:  3mile run
Today: 60min spin class