Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Age: 24

Bed Size: Full

Chore you hate: taking out the trash

Dogs: Murph-a-licious

Essential Start your day item: Breakfast (I never skip it)

Favorite Color: Blue?

Gold or Silver Gold

Height: short

Instruments you play: piano

Job Title: broke ass law student

Kids: Murph-a-licious

Live: Oregon

Mom's Name: Mamma Bear

Nicknames: Jame, Jaymers, James, Bunch

Overnight Hospital Stays: none

Pet Peeve: High school girls at school

Quote from a Movie: “I was hiding under your porch because I love you!” UP

Right or Left Handed: Right

Siblings: one

Time you wake up: anywhere between 5:30am and 9am

Underwear: yes?

Vegetable you dislike: Bitter melon

What makes you late: Murph-a-licious' presents that he leaves me in the house

x-Rays you've had done: a lot

Yummy food you make: I make it all

Zoo animal favorite: River Otters!

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  1. Yours is the second ABC thing I have come across today, I just think this is neat.