Sunday, March 6, 2011

Weekend Wrapup

Saturday I went out on a trail run with The Beagle.  It was 47 and partly sunny.  I went up to Chip Ross Park and ran 2 miles out which was completely up hill in the mud and then slightly downhill.  It was painful but it was good for me.  The 2 miles back were the opposite, so slightly uphill until a very sleet muddy section where I had to walk because it was crazy.  Overall it felt  really good to be outside with nature and The Beagle.  He was a complete mud ball, but he was super happy.  Beagles love the smells of nature.

I woke up today pretty sore from the trail run meaning I need to do it more often.  It's easy on my shins and mixes things up a bit. My shoulders and back were tired along with my hips and quads.  I started my 3 hour trainer ride for the day.  Played some N64 while on it.  Best Idea Ever.  After 2 hours in, TH wanted to ride outside because the weather was nice.  I went along and we pounded out about 11 miles outside.  It killed me.  the trainer cannot replace the real world.

The week has been good training wise.  Diet wise.... not so much.  working on that one this week.

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