Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Going Robe Free

I few of my graduating classmates have started a group to go "robe-free" at commencement.  To RENT (yes RENT, not PURCHASE) the robes costs $70 plus a $10 cleaning fee.  Now, I asked my mom about her opinion on this and she was like "just wear your old one."  Unfortunatly, being the future juris doctorates we're about to become, our robes are the funky ones with poofy black and purple sleeves and we have a poofy hat.  Freecycling is not an option.  The goal is to donate the $80 that would have been spent to rent to robes to a charity.  To be honest, I'm not all that excited to walk down the stage because we get to spend the 2 months following sitting in a freezing air conditioned law school classroom studying for the Bar.  And then we get to take the Bar exam.  And then we get to wait 2 more months to see if we passed or not.  I'm mainly walking at commencement for my family.  I think this is more improtant for them then it really is for me.  I'm fine with going to commencement, but I think $80 is ridiculous and that my $80 can go towards a lot of better causes then to fund the monopoly known as Jostens. 


  1. I say go for the robe. $80 now sucks, but in 10 years, when you think back to how hard you worked to get to where you are, you'll have that memory of the stupid ceremony in crazy robes, but it will mean something. Its not undergrad or high school... its a big deal! Donating to a charity is always a good thing, and maybe we should all do it on a regular basis and not on special occasions? There's always someone with less than us no matter how tight money is for us at any particular moment.

    A bit philosophical... but moral of the story... you might be glad you did the whole silly thing down the road even if it doesn't seem worth it now.


  2. Does you comment change if I clarified that we are still allowed to walk without a robe?

  3. For me personally, I'd still walk with the robe. It is just such a giant accomplishment, and I think the whole crazy ceremony is important in recognizing that, to your school, your family and yourself. It is totally how you feel about it though, so if you don't feel like the experience would be enhanced by doing the whole hoopla then don't. I didn't care about high school or undergrad graduation ceremonies, but I know I will about vet school, because it took so much more hard work and dedication to get there. This is all just me though, I can't decide when is best for you! :)