Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Can we just skip Spring and go straight to Summer?

Could someone please tell me where the heck you bloggers live that are talking about weather in the 70's and 80's?   It was 34 degrees this morning, but sunny(!!) so I went outside to run.  What a treat.  It's pathetic.  Running in 34 degrees is a treat for me when some of you are complaining about the heat?!   Who wants to find me a job, house, free rent someplace warm?  Okay? Thanks.  While it has warmed up a bit (52 degrees *whoop whoop*), the wind has picked up and we're expecting rain and clouds for the next....  10+ days.  sooupaa....   

Have you guys been enjoying your Spring Break?  I've been spending it catching up on projects and papers.  mostly procrastinating, but I started working again on my ginormous paper today.  The motivation is dwindling (hence why I'm actually updating my blog).  T-minus4 days and then it's back to the grind.

I'm suppose to get my 2nd pair of shoes in the mail today or tomorrow.  I can't remember if I said this earlier, but TH and I got refitted for shoes at RRS.  We both kept the molded inserts.  TH returned his soes because he doesn't believe in spending money on new shoes. (aka he's "responsible"   whatever..)  I opted to buy last year's model of the shoes they recommended online.  they stuck me in a neutral shoe because of my high arches.  I think this is complete bull shit because Yes, I have high arches, but I also pronate like Big Foot.  I think the inserts helped a ton, but I'm weary about these neutral shoes.  I've never been in a neutral shoe.  I've ALWAYS been fitted with stability or even motion control.  I pronate in them, but so far my shins have been  "okay".  Not fabulous... but "okay".  I can tell that the extra cushioning they provide has helped relieve my shin pain that my Mizuno Alchemys did not provide, but the pronation scares me.  Because of this I opted to buy a 2nd pair (and thy were on sale) of stability plus cushioning shoes.  I think the Neutrals will be okay on shorter runs and treadmill runs but I'm looking forward to the time tested stability shoe.  so for specs I am currently running in Adidas Adistar Ride 2  shoes and I will be rotating in Saucony ProGrid Guide 3s once I get them.

 Wish me luck.

Workouts:  (like I've been tracking THAT welll.)

4.32 mile run with the Beagle.  Pace: 9:33 (WHOA.. slow but it was my first run on pavement so I was scuuured.
Swim directly after run:  1750 yds:   500 WU, 5X100s, 10X 50p, 250 CD.


  1. Good choices on the new shoes! Just found your blog- so cute! I'll definitely be checking in!

  2. your comment to me about clocking in at work... seriously. people need to back up OFF. haha

  3. I think we got up to 88 on Friday....

    :) austin,tx