Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Runner's high

Oh Hai there Crazies!

 I RAN YESTERDAY NIGHT!!!!   Yay.  I was even excited about running on the treadmill!  It was great!  It was fantastic and THAT is saying a lot because I HATE the dreadmill.  

I chose to run on the treadmill because it was 8:30pm at night and I needed to run on a softer surface.  The chip path at the high school would have been an option but it would have been a little spooky because it's not lit and it would have also been very very wet and muddy with all the rain/snow we've had.  it was also 37 degrees outside and super windy.    I kept my pace just over  a 9 min/mile.  It felt slow, but I didn't want to push anything.  I limited myself to 3 miles and felt good.  I was happy that I didn't feel like a pack-a-day smoker after not running for so long but at the same time this was only 3 miles, not 10.  Tonight I went to spin class and tomorrow I have a swim and another 3 miles treadmill jog in the planner.  I hope this stays good.  I iced last night and have kept massaging the shin. 

Fingers crossed.

Monday:  3mile run
Today: 60min spin class

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