Tuesday, December 14, 2010

um.. Toto?

I'm sitting in my jammies watching the news talking about a tornado in Oregon right now. Um... last time I checked Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, not the Midwest. I could be wrong though. Scary thing is that it touched down in the town TH's parents live in. They live outside of town so all is well but it's still a little scary. About 2 and a half years ago there was a small tornado in Vancouver, WA but it didn't seem as bad.

I have a first date with my running group tonight. I've been part of their "group" on meetup.com for about a month now but because of scheduling and cancellations I have yet to have a run with them. TH actually ran with the organizer during the WinterWonderland Run a few weeks ago but we didn't know it was the same guy until we left. Is it normal to be nervous about the meetup? Am I fast enough? Athletic enough? Cool enough? They all know I do triathlons and they think I'm super badass for that but little do they know that just because I do triathlons doesn't mean I'm supper fast or athletic. I'm not sure what kind of workout this will be. This is their weekly track workout at a local high school but I'm not sure if they will be doing speed work or just laps around the track. Hopefully speed work. I haven't sprinted since high school but running laps around the track just seems BORING.

Hopefully, I will have a successful recap later tonight.

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