Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday Review

Well, Christmas is finally over and I can look forward to New Year's. I traveled more than I would have liked and spent time with my family. I ran less then I should have, swam only once, spend zero time on my bike, and ate more sugar and fat than is normal, even more than the average American. My Christmas week started when TH and I drove down to Stayton to take "secret" pictures with his family. It was kind of fun and TH even joked that it was like getting wedding photos done. Awkward.... but Lord knows I love them awkward boys. Here are a couple of my favorites:
I then picked up my brother at PDX and then we drove to Bremerton, Washington to visit my Dad and Gma. Spent 3 days there then drove back to Mama Bear's home. I drove back down to have Christmas with TH in Corvallis, and then back up to Mama Bear's and then we all drove to Ocean Park, Washington to have Christmas there. Thank goodness I got a swim workout with TH one of those days because I was having some serious training withdrawals. Eating and then not working out really reeks havoc on my sanity. I got some pretty awesome goods over the week, if I must say. I am forever using Amazon wish lists. You get what you want, and nothing you don't. Sure nothing is a complete surprise but there's still mystery involved since I chose not to look at my wish list buying history.

the Goods:

ChoPat Compression Sleeve. Like my horrible over-pronation?

Not on my wish list. Actually, I was there with TH when he bought this. Borders was having a huge store closing sale. Exciting none the less.

RoadID! Ankle strap. Reflective. Red. I have freakishly thin ankles.

Okay not on my wish list either. Not even for me originally. These are two flashing LED dog collars. They were too big for the dogs so now the two clipped together make a new nighttime running belt for me.

AEROBARS! yay! I'm now so much cooler then I once was. bahaha

Garmin 405! yes yes yes! Mama Bear told me I could get an entry level Rolex for the price of this baby. I told her I haven't graduated from law school yet. ;) Guess what? I also have freakishly tiny wrists as well! That thing is like an inch too big for me. meh I love it anyways. Instead of explaining what the watch does, Google it. There are mixed reviews but after weighing the other options and aesthetics (coz THOSE are important), I added this sucker to the wish list.

TH also got me a dog camera that fits on The Beagle's collar and takes snapshots from his point of view. Beagle spy cam? You bet!
TH also purchased me a pink race belt/running skirt. I don't know where it is right now. I think I left it at TH's home.

I took the Garmin for a run on the beach the other day. Being high tide I had to run in the not-so-packed sand. I had a speedy pace of 10:53. This is SUPER SUPER slow for me folks. I run a 9ish mile pace in my olympic tri 10Ks! I really hope it was because of the sand.
Time to get back to real life. Time to start running for realz again. Time to cut out sugar again. Seriously, My body is so much happier that way. Okay, maybe I'll wait until I start my officially 70.3 training. The birthday is coming up and I want me some cake.

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