Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

Finals are next week. I've been studying. Probably not as much as I should.... but I've been getting stuff done. I'm not sure how much more Bankruptcy I can shove through my ears. I went to a coffee shop here in "Beaver Country" and I realized (yet again) how retentive and neurotic and set in my ways when it comes to studying. When I study at Da Law Lib (read: law school library) I don't notice anything weird about how I study because I'm guaranteed to see someone else with weirder (more weird?) "habits". But no, when I'm all alone at a coffee shop with the rest of the "normal" population I notice how much tab and then frantically un-tab my code books, read and re-read supplements and sit there nonstop for 5 hours.

TH and I got Civil War tickets (OSU Beavers vs UO Ducks) for Saturday. I'm not going into the game all excited about the Beavers since Ducks are undefeated and Beavs are.... not so much. TH and I plan to leave the game at half and then more studying for me!

see: proof that I'm not just watching TV and stuffing my face!

Not quite sure what TH is doing here but The Beagle looks peaceful.

I got old lady compression socks last night. AMAZING! Even after my silly puke-y 2 mile-ish walk/run.

Wednesday: I felt like crap. Half ran 2 miles and almost threw up at mile 1. What the heck?
Thursday: 2 mile walk with the doggies, Trainer for 20 miles (according to my odometer)

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