Monday, November 29, 2010

Winder Wonderland of Lights 6mi Run

TH and I drove over to NEP to run the 6 mile race at the Portland International Raceway. My weekly long run was supposed to be 9 miles this weekend. Since we were only running 6 miles during the race I thought I'd run another 3 somethime before and/or after the race. I convinced TH to run just over 2 miles with me pre race,mainly to stay warm. The race itself was more fun then expected. I was worried about getting bored to tears running 3 laps around the PIR. Thankfully I tried to focus on keeping my pace up the 2nd and 3rd laps to notice the repeat of scenery. My goal was to finish in 50 minutes. I've had 2 10K time thus far. One at over 51 min and the other at over 52 min. I wanted to start off the race slow so that I could get negative splits. As the race started, I tried to ignore everyone running the 2 and 4 mile races and took it nice and slow. I felt good and thought I could keep that pace forever. When I checked my watch at Mile 1 I realized that I just ran a sub 7 min mile! What the heck? I forced myself to slow down for the rest of the race. The first 2 miles were fine. Miles 3 and 4 blew because I had to work hard to keep my pace up. Mile 5 was fine. I got there at around 40 minutes. This was great since I would hopefully be finishing in at around 48 or 49. I pushed hard the last mile but unfortunately my final time was 50.19. boooo! I was still satisfied with my time and I'm trying to tell myself that running 2 miles before the race had something to do with my time. I also think the mile markers were off. I really think the mile marker was about 1/4 mile shy of the real distance. This would explain my really fast mile 1, 3, and 5 times and my slow 2, 4, and 6 times.

After the race TH and I went to Red Robin's for some foooooood. it was delicious and warm. We then went to our friends' home up by OHSU who just had their first baby on Halloween. TH and I didn't get a chance to see little JD yet. What a cutie. He just loved sleeping on TH while we watched a movie. He was super good and didn't really cry except right before bed.

I'm still looking for a run to do in December. TH and I were going to do a New Years Eve run, but we might decide to go snowshoeing instead. Any suggestions?

Only a month and a half until the half mary. Holy cow!

Saturday: run: 2miles easy, 6 miles race pace
Sunday: Off
Monday: Run 5.75 miles

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