Thursday, November 25, 2010

Sherwood Give n Gobble Turkey 10K

The race started at somewhere between 27 and 30 degrees. My goal for this race (my 2nd 10K) was to pace myself. I started out nice and slow. The course had a a few rolling hills and the last mile was through a winding, icy and hilly trail. I slipped a few times, but thankfully no falls. Final time: 52:25ish I say ish because we didn't have timing chips. So slower than my first 10K in Corvallis 2 months ago, but the course was also full of hills. I don't know how well pacing helped... I def was able to push it a little more towards the end but My pace was still a sub 8:30. (same as last time) though I don't know how to compare the flat Corvallis course with this hilly one. It was fun, cold, and the race provided a lot of post race goodies such as Honest Tea, Organic Yerba Mate tea and Pop Chips. Not bad for a $15 entry fee. Plus the course was pretty and we got to wear AWESOME hats.

Now it's off to Aumsville to eat with TH's fam.

Hiding in the car before the race so we don't freeze off any limbs.

TH is giddy with excitement.

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