Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy 100.

This is my official 100th post. Wish I had something exciting and crazy to report... but I don't. Spent all day in Vancouver helping step father with his big rig. Made a record 5 trips to Home Depot. Wanted to drop kick an ugly puppy by that 5th one, let me tell you. I then rushed home during rush hour..bahaha.... to quickly change and meet up with my running group. We were scheduled to do a 3-5 mile track run, but the track was not lit so we ran around the property. I quit and wussed out at 4 miles. I felt that we held a fast pace for me, though I now feel guilty for being a big girl and doing the entire 5 miles or at least pushing my pace more. It was nice to not be so sore after my "long" run yesterday. I'm ice bathing and swimming all the time now. Work tomorrow. Hope to either do some spinning after or gym maybe. I fear the 5pm crowds though.

I am in love with the Garmin though. Awesome to see my run info mile/mile. Tonight reaffirmed my need to be more consistent with my pace.

Anyone else ready for summer? I'm moving to southern California.. just not right now with all the rain they're having.

Workout: 4.09 miles Time: 34.51.88 Pace: 8:32/mi.

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