Monday, March 15, 2010

Shamrock Run

Day Light Savings ended (or started, I'm never sure) the morning of the Shamrock Run this past Sunday. This meant that we had to wake up an hour earlier. This also meant that it was extra cold that morning. The Shamrock run is made up of various distances: 5K, 8K, 15K and a few different walk distanced as well. It draws over 22,000 participants and as my wonderful friend stated, "The size of Roseburg". DB, my Wonderful Friend, and The Married Folk joined me in the 8K run. I also met up with CG, a friend of mine from law school. The run started out slow since it was so jam-packed with people. I took it easy the first mile but then realized that I needed to pick up the pace and continued to get my groove on the rest of the way. I finished and thankfully, not a slowly as I had expected. To be honest, you could have told me that it was a 5K and I wouldn't have noticed a difference in distance. By pace however, was a minute slower than my 5K pace. I should have pushed myself a little more.

We were rewarded with salmon chowder and beers after the race. I didn't partake in the beer, and probably shouldn't have partaken in the chowder, but it was SO good, and warm and delicious.

My wonderful friend had to go to work so DB and The Married Folk and I went to check out the Portland Saturday/Sunday Market. I must say that the Saturday Market was a lot cooler back in high school, or even college. There is still a wide range of neat stuff including some delicious GF seasoned nuts, but I think a little part of me became too old for the trendy hipster trinkets they sell there. *sigh*

Speaking of old. I found out that The Married Folk are expecting! Is it weird that I'm so excited for them? I honestly couldn't think of better people to become parents and well better people who could handle it.

In other news, I received my new blender in the mail today. I've already made 2 smoothies. One for breakfast and one just now for course 1 of my dinner. Seeing that I have a lot of leafy greens from the CSA, I added them to my smoothies and they are DELICIOUS! Spinach leaves? Yes please! Beet greens, Yes please! Basically each smoothie has half a banana, some mix of frozen fruit, whatever leafy green I had on hand, a scoop of flax meal, some soy milk, some plain yogurt, and a sprinkle of stevia powder. Even better is that they have been very filling. I had a smoothing around 10:30 or 11 this morning and it curbed my mid afternoon "hunger pains." How fantastic is THAT?! Recipes will be posted in the future.

Happy about how early it is... I'm sure.

The boys and their stretching. pssst

Us girls trying to keep warm.

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