Monday, August 9, 2010


After the MPRE (round II) this weekend I went skydiving with DB and some friends over at Skydive Oregon. Our appointment was at noon, however due to overcast skies and some rain, we didn't take off until nearly 5:30p. We were lucky though because the group after us had to call it quits due to rain.

The 7 of us with our instructors and 2 camera guys piled into a little jet plane thing. Inside teh cabin were two long benches perpendicular to the cockpit on each side of the plane by the windows. We piled in half on the right, half on the left straddling the bench and packed in like sardines. I was in the very back (front of the plane), furthest from the door. Each of our instructors sat directly behind us so we were in a student/instructor/student/instructor pattern along the benches. I didn't really know what to think as we took off. I was nervous but trying to remain calm. about 15 minutes later we finally reached our drop point at about 12,500 ft. The instructors double checked our strap in points and made sure our harnesses were tight. DB was near the front and I wanted to see him take off. By the time the door opened and I looked up, DB was already gone! These instructors weren't wasting any time. Soon my instructor was telling me to scoot up towards the door. He had me sit on the edge of the plane and hang my feet out. immediately, they were blown to the side due to the speed of the plane. I said something along the lines of (oh Sh!T!) and then I could feel my instructor rock back, forward, back, and.....

We were flying. I tried to tilt my head back as we were told to do in training, but I didn't remember to do that. The instructor pulled my head back and I opened my eyes about 10 seconds (1000t down) in. Once I spread my arms out to stabilize I was able to focus on breathing and tried to take everything in. It's a lot to take in. Finally it was time to open the chute. My instructor tapped me on the shoulder to signal and with a light tug everything went silent. our speed went from 150mph to 10mph in a matter of seconds. the view was spectacular.

Would I do it again?

The expierenced was really fun and it wasn't all that scary once I got out of the plane and stabilized. However, I really can't handle all the built up anxiety going into the actual dive. I have enough anxiety in my life and I just hate adding more.

It's also pretty expensive. Again, while it's a unexplainable experience, I don't feel responsible pay hundreds of dollars to jump out of a plane to my potential death.

I'm so happy I did it, but I think I'll stay grounded next time.

The experience was awesome. Free falling is totally an unique experience.

Our group before takeoff

Right after we deployed our parachutes

DB landing

Getting ready to touch down.

Happy to be alive


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, if you change your mind and want to do it again you should come to the UK and give it a go, or if you ever come to the UK and want to try something different check out my website

  2. Cool Jayme! I am proud of you for having the guts to jump, but I think I'm like you--just knowing that jumping from the plane was *coming* would cause me so much anxiety, I'm not sure I could justify putting myself through it! Congrats, though--how cool!