Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm really trying hard to churn out 2 of my 3 papers right now. I still have my COMP to finish editing, but I also have 2 smaller, less formal papers to write for my Tax Loophole class. I've pretty much got one finished and part of 2nd one started. What I've learned so far? Don't retire until 70 1/2 years old and don't try to route your self employment income through an S-Corp.

I convinced Momma Bear to go to the pool with me today. It was cold and rain/snowing today so I thought a pool workout would be best. I wasn't that sore from yesterdays run, but I thought it would be good to let my legs have a rest. Ironically, during my swim my arms were exhausted. I guess I use my arms a lot while running? Probably, I have horrible form.

Momma Bear seemed to enjoy herself a little more this time. I even saw her stick her head in the water... like once before she retreated to the spa. I'm proud of her though for getting in the water. Swimming can be a very intimidating thing for someone's who's never taken lessons... or really for anyone who HAS taken lessons. We walked to and from the aquatic center, fully bundled up of course. I preceded to take a 4 hour long nap when we got home. I'm getting a cold. I've blown my nose more times that I can count.

Workout: 3ish mile round trip walk to pool; 2000m swim.

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