Sunday, November 7, 2010


I just found out (via Fb) that Stayton, Oregon will hold its first spring tri in May. This is exciting becuase TH's mom was looking to do her first Tri next year and this would be perfect for her. Guess what else happens in May? I graduate. Guess what happens the same day as the tri. :( According to the Triathlon Brochure, it starts at 8am. Commencement start at 1pm, but I'm going to guess we have to be there by at least 11:30am for setup? It takes about 1 1/2 hours to get from Stayton to Eugene (at the most). If I finish the tri in 1 hour 30 min, that leaves me at 9:30. THe latest I would need to leave Stayton would be 10am. This is also assuming that my wave starts at 8.... Oh dear.

I dragged my mom to the pool today. She doesn't swim. She doesn't really kick with a kickboard either. Flippers helped. She's hooked. ha

Workout: 1700m swim and a 3 mile roundtrip walk to and from the pool.

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