Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Birthday..... to me!

No more running for me until Sunday morning. Thankfully, it is taper week. Un-Thankfully, it has been just days before the Cascade Half that my shins were roaring. I've been icing and planning on wearing calf compression to help survive Sunday. I know I will be able to finish, but I hate that I know it'll be THAT much more painful due to my shins.

Anyways, today is my birthday. I can now legally rent a car. Yes, I am THAT young. TH and I have plans to go to sushi for dinner. We are actually celebrating next weekend in Bend.

No crazy partying this year. I'm running 13.1 miles in a couple of days.

I had dinner with one of my friends last night. We were at Baja Fresh for nearly 2 hours chatting away about our lives. I hate that I never have time to hang out with people and it keeps getting pushed off.

I wish I had more to post today. I've been spending the past week in an intensive course on Law Practice Management. Interesting stuff to consider about starting your own solo practice. After taking the course I feel that starting my own practice is more attainable then I thought. There are also a lot more considerations that I thought. We'll see what the future holds.

Speaking about lawyering... It's crazy when I look at my Google Calender and see nothing but blank days after July. It's also scary because free days = unemployed. While I'm excited about the possibilities that lay ahead, I'm terrified as well. What if I don't pass the Bar? What if I don't get a job? What if I never work as a lawyer?! OMG

On another completely unrelated note: I want a sponsor. Not like Lance Armstrong/Nike sponsored, but like getting free products from companies sponsored. I know a lot of amateur, "hobby" athletes that are sponsored in one way or another and I want to know how they made that happen. Tips anyone?

OMG OMG Portland is offering another LongCourse Tri this Summer! It's also cheap (for a LC)


  1. Happy Bday! I did the sushi thing on Weds. I'm betting it is much better in Oregon.

  2. im glad to hear you're terrified too. :)

    ok i hear blue lake is flat... i might have to have another go at the tri! (probably sprint.) still80$ tho!

    ps this is a good blog :