Sunday, July 15, 2012

The bad kind of weight loss

It's been about 3 weeks since Pac Crest. I took a full week off to recover. One week turned into two, into three. I went on a short jog here and there but really nothing that made an impact. My feeling of flabbiness was confirmed last week at my doctor visit where I learned I lost 5 pounds. Typically, I'd be fanatic about losing weight. However, the only way I lost weight this past month was from muscle loss. Gross.

When I turned on the tv this morning, I stumbled upon the Iromman World Championships. I cried when the reporter talked about everyone's story in true Jayme fashion. It also motivated T and I to go for a run and to sign up for the Diamond Lake Longcourse Tri. It'll be held in the foothills of the mountains east of Seattle. I'm still pissed and disappointed about what happened at Pac Crest. I need to stay in shape for the sake of fitting into my dress next year. I need a goal to push me to stay active. Folks, I got a triathlon to do.

Ps, checkout the nearly scar I received from my timing chip band.

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