Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Breakfast Club

Dentist appointment went well. I did M.Y. proud! No cavities to report.

This morning I met up with a wonderful friend whom I've been missing, for breakfast while I was still up in the Portland-area. We met at a place called Capitol Cafe. Friend and I went to the counter to order and I did my thing and moved along after ordering the standard eggs and bacon and even got a side or potatoes in replacement of the toast they normally have free of charge. (I shall term this: GF friendly) I enjoyed the real cups of coffee and really shouldn't have had the 2 cups that I did. Friend pointed out to the waiter that it looked like that it was his first day. Friend: You should feel ashamed of yourself ;) However, Friend was correct, it was his first day. (this was confirmed when he laid our checks on the table after we were done eating... and after we had previously paid at the counter.... oops). After some good conversation about the usual stuff, Friend and I parted our ways and down the I-5 corridor I proceeded.

I was just about to pass the Woodburn Outlets and just had to pull into The North Face outlet. Bad idea. Wallet lighter, I got back on the interstate and proceeded back down south.

I finally made it home and was inspired to for a quick run with my new running tank top. Got my passport-type pics taken for the MPRE admission ticket, and now I have spent the past 2 hours with DB at my apartment stuffing my face with Rice Works Sweet Chili Gluten-Free Chips.

In other news, I got my Corporate Tax supplement! SO excited!! It's so shiny, and new, and **hopefully** helpful.

Not the most thrilling or entertaining days to write about, but the weather was wonderful and blogging is my new procrastination tool.

The Capitol Cafe.

Coffee's always better when it's served in mugs and not paper cups.

My GF friendly special.

Friend and her bagel with lox.

The Beagle is on vacation to the coast with Grandma and Grandpa probably looking something like this:

I already miss him. He will make a return on Tuesday.

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  1. Friend, you seem to have forgotten my name...