Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hum... Spring Break. One of my last ones.

So far...
  • I've rid my apartment of the flea I found on The Beagle's tummy and all of its' potential family members,
  • attended an Oregon track meet,
  • went to Corvallis to hang out with DB,
  • drove from Corvallis to Ocean Park, Washington along Highway 99 to 101 (it was in the mid-60's and sunny the entire time!)
  • Spent a few days playing with The Beagle, DB's roommate's dog, and running on the beach
  • Got a new eyeglass prescription (have yet to get new glasses)
  • Prepare for an interview for tomorrow. (wish me luck!)
The rest of this short week will be spent:
  • Going to this interview
  • driving back down to Eugene
  • Tea date with my sorority sister GC
  • Driving down to Ashland with DB and his brothers.

I should probably get some school work done during this week. bah.

Sad news...
My new blender died. Something happened with the motor and it's just vibrating, not turning. This puts a slight hamper on my smoothie obsession. Perhaps I will steal my mom's blender that she never uses...

I promise to be back on the cooking/creating bandwagon soon folks. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures below:

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