Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I couldn't agree more

People trust their dogs to know them better than their friends, survey says

By Jacques Von Lunen, Special to The Oregon...

March 22, 2010, 1:53PM
The results of a recent survey of dog owners illustrate just how strong the emotional bond is between them and their pooches.

The vast majority of respondents to the survey, which was commissioned by dog-snack maker Pup-Peroni and conducted by Kelton Research, said they believe they communicate with their dogs. Many said they relate to their dogs better than they do to human friends. -- Nearly three-fourths of dog owners surveyed said they can interpret their dogs' body language or facial expressions correctly.

-- Nearly half believe they know exactly what their pet is thinking.

-- More than one-third reported to have had entire conversations with their dogs without using words.

-- Almost half said that their canine friend is more likely to notice they've had a bad day than their best human friend.

-- More than two-thirds believe their dogs know when they feel happy.

-- Large majorities said their dogs are able to pick up on emotions such as happiness (69 percent), anger (67 percent) and sadness (58 percent), without having to say a word.

-- An overwhelming 89 percent of dog owners believe there have been moments when their dogs tried to comfort them in times of need.

-- Nearly two-thirds believe their dogs are more dependable than their human best friends.

-- Two-thirds said they feel guiltier about leaving their dogs behind than their own family and friends when they leave on trips.

-- Nearly three-fourths prefer to wind down by taking a walk with their dogs, rather than with a human companion.

-- The vast majority (89 percent) say their dogs are more excited when they come home than are their significant others.

-- Jacques Von Lunen

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