Monday, July 12, 2010

Hagg Lake Olympic

Another fun tri in the books. This time dry and hot!

Got 2nd in my division after the timing people worked out a uber mix up. Apparently, I had the wrong timing chip.

The swim went well as far as not freaking out and keeping a steady pace. I however had an even SLOWER swim time than I did at Blue Lake. I think I got off course quite a bit. I'm a little disappointed in myself. Time to focus on swimming this month. The bike was awesome. A freakin' HARD course (likely rated one of the toughest in NW tri), but I did better than I expected. In fact I was 2 minutes quicker than DB on his bike split. Though he ran a 5k before had and I just swam. And then there was the run. 6.2 miles of uphill and some not so uphill and than more uphill. This was brutal. On top of that it was starting to really heat up and the sun was rather harsh. I was really concerned about taking it slow becuase right before I finished my bike, I saw another athlete do the whole about the pass out, stumbling around, falling to the ground thing. I then proceeded to see him laying on the ground with support when I embarked on my run. Needless to say, I'd expect to see something like this at an IM race but at a Olympic?... well it made me think twice about whether or not I wanted that extra drink of water.

Trying to finish the run strong.

AK and I post race. This was her first tri and she did great!
The duathlete, DB and I


  1. Congrats on another Tri, crazy woman. Seriously you're freaking crazy, in a way of which I'm extremely jealous. Unfortunately, no one's jealous of my craziness... Also, i've always wondered, does DB stand for what I think it does??

  2. no.... not "douche bag" I didn't think about that when I first used it. eh.... lol

  3. Wowza. Crazines woman! Congrats!!!

    So... August... what are YOU doing from Aug 23rd to Sept 3rd??

    (Maybe hanging out with your favorite friend visiting from the Caribbean??)

  4. YES YES YES!!!!!! yay let's do something fun! camping? Hiking? anything outside?! We will make Zoe jealous since she left us.