Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall Festival 10K and FV Reunion

I had myself a busy weekend. On Satuday TH and I went to my work's weekend sloshball get together. That was fun, TH apparently is quiet gifted in the outfield. We then went to IKEA and did not walk away emply handed. Picked up a few organizers for TH's closet and some bathroom accessories. Sunday morning started off with the Corvallis Fall Festival runs. TH participated in the 5K. I did the 10K which started shortly after, so I wasn't able to see TH finish. This was mny first 10K outside of a triathlon and I was pretty nervous. It was rainy and early. I forget my watch so during the entire race, I didn't know what my pace was. I ran into an old friend of mine, BP and it was nice to see him, if even shortly. I finished and was pretty tired. My goal was to finish under 54minutes. Apparently I finished in 51:30. Not bad. I was happy with my time, but wish I trained more for the event. I have been slacking a ton with running and really any other part of my workouts. I woke up this morning and realized that I forgot to do my pushups last night!

TH did great in the 5K. Finished top 10 over all and was close to his PR back in high school 10 years ago!.

The results are here:

Monday night My elementary school class decided to have a reunion of sorts. Only a handful of my classmates showed up but it was so good to see everyone. I did not graduate high school with these people so I was particularily excited to see those I grew up with.


  1. I want an elementary school class reunion! How fun!!!

  2. I know. A classmate of mine randomly came up with the idea. SUPER FUN!

  3. Pushup progress photo? You reminded me to do mine tonight.