Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Being Vain

Somethings are just meant to be they way God made them. Case in point:

I should never be Blond.
Aw... Much better.
Eat your heart out Fabio!

Beagle, Afghan Hound, or.... Romance Novel Stud?


  1. I posted a comment, but I don't think it made it... caribbean internet at its best!

    Murphy looks gorgeous with his beagle-locks! hahaha

    Love the SDO sweatshirt :)

    You should try making the muffins I posted gluten free! Not sure how well they'd work out sugar free, but I bet you could try it. Let me know how it goes if you do give it a shot. :)

  2. LOL! I freaking love that dog. It seems you may be a little bored... :)