Monday, October 18, 2010

COMP, Day 1

When I was in college, I specifically chose a major within the College of Science, so that I didn't have to write a thesis. I got to do fun things instead, like a hands-on internship (aka romping through the forest taking basal area measurements). Unfortunately, I decided to sign up for law school where one of the requirements before "they" hand you over your $90K piece of paper is to write something called a Comp Paper. This is a "high level research paper between 20-40 pages in length demonstrating an understanding of the topic." Similiarly to a College of Liberal Arts Major, long, dry paper writing might be something beneficial to your career. Some areas of law may also include this same type of writing. However, this area of law is likely limited to the academic areas of law. Don't get me wrong, writing is an essential part of law. We write memos, motions, and other documents relating to various practice areas. I plan to practice an area of law that requires minimal writing. Therefore, I think I'm not thrilled about this Comp Paper. Of course I decide to write my paper on the most un-research-able topic: "The First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit". Apparently, there is very little out there about the impacts of this topic seeing that it JUST ended.

As many of you know, writing is not my forte. I make numerous spelling errors and typos. I write as if I have the grammar of a 5 year old, and I ramble off and create a blob of disjointed ideas.

It's a wonderful, sunny, fall day here in the PNW and I'd rather be outside playing with the Beagle. Instead, due to my procrastination, I'm inside, un-bathed, unamused, trying to pound out an intro and background on my comp. I am not thrilled.

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