Sunday, January 23, 2011

Helping Central Oregon Tourism

Friday morning, TH and I headed up to Mt Bachelor to do some skiing. Too bad for us it was 31 and raining. EW. Now, I'm an Oregonian and I've skied more times in the rain then I can count, but the forecast for Saturday called for 29 and clear skies. We decided to give up on skiing and go snowshoeing. After talking to some folk we decided to go to the Edison Trail.

We got to the SnoPark and started snowshoeing.

About a mile and a half up, we found a warming hut with a stove inside. Having nothing dry( remember it was raining) to start a fire we tried, got some flames, then just smoke. It was getting late so we hiked back down to the lot.

On our way back into town, we decided to stop at the High Desert Natural History Museum. There were some interesting exhibits including a huge thing on the CHinese railroad workers. We got to see a bobcat and a lynx, and some other fun creatures.
A strange eagle-like animal in his nest

Bagged myself a bronze buck.

That evening, TH and I met up with his friend ES and his wife at The Summit Saloon and watched a few local comedians. Funny stuff. We later headed to The Bend Brewing Company for some more happy hour snacks.

Saturday morning, we headed back up to the mountain to ski. The weather was perfect and aside from the icey conditions and being old, the sking was great. I watched a bit of a high school ski race (memories) and filled TH in on everyone's form.

TH: man of mystery

In the parking lot, on our way to head back to town, we ran into a former ski teammate's family. Actually, they were parked right next to us and took this picture.

On the way back to our hotel we made a last minute stop to the Deschutes Brewery. TH had some samples and then we took a tour.

Upon return to the hotel, I couldn't find my glasses. We searched everywhere and told the front desk guy. He was helpless. I was getting upset because he blew off my glasses like they were nothing. What if it was my cell phone or laptop? TH and I forged on, had dinner at The Bend Burger Company, and then went to a local play called Love, Laughter, and Lucci and the 2nd Street Theater. Wine helped my mood. This morning we packed up and headed out. As a last minute effort, TH asked the desk attendant upfront about the glasses. She was A LOT more helpful then late night guy. She called housekeeping, spoke to the housekeeping manager, and even had the maintenance guy go dumpster diving because we decided that my glasses fall/we knocked into the trash when housekeeping was cleaning. After a minute or two of dumpster diving, the front desk attendant ran out and had a wonderful surprise. Housekeeping had seen my glasses in the trash and put them aside. YAY! I didn't have to be blind for the next 2 months, before my insurance would buy mamma a new pair of glasses.

Am I a lucky girl or what?

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