Monday, January 24, 2011

Does Glucose = Gluten?

This weekend I picked up some PowerBar Gel Blasts.

They are basically gel filled gummy bears similar to a gel. On my spin tonight I decided to try them. They are delicious and might as well be candy. I had the unfortunate discovery to find something on the ingredient. The first ingredient is glucose (from wheat). I've had glucose before because it's in a lot of gels. I have never seen it labeled as "from wheat". From my basic chemistry and nutrition classes in college I know glucose is just a sugar. Gluten is a protein. Therefore glucose should be safe right? I don't know. I did some Google research and it looks like glucose is technically gluten-free and products can be labeled as such even if they contain wheat glucose. However, wheat glucose (there is corn glucose as well) can affect those with wheat allergies (as opposed to gluten). To be honest, I don't know if I have a wheat allergy along with gluten. I've never really had a product that had wheat but sans gluten. I feel fine right now but I'm going to see how I feel overnight. Really I should just avoid the situation due to almost certain cross contamination in the production process. Maybe I should stuck to GF gummy bears and safe GF gels.

Workout: 20 miles on the bike trainer.

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