Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mechanically Inclined?

I tuned my bike today. I had previously ordered thinner tires (I had 25, ordered 23s) and also planned to replace my front derailleur cable. 3 hours later... lol I had a little problem with the cable that was a really simple fix, I just needed to figure it out my self. While I was changing one of my tires I accidentally pinched my old tube into the new slimmer tires. That sucker popped and I can't tell you how loud that ways. My ears hurt and everything was sorta muffled for the next hour. I didn't realize that I would need to trim the derailleur cable after installation. I thought they were standard size. Wire cutters don't work because they just fray the cable. off to buy a cable cutter. $30 later... I picked up some gels that were on sale for $0.79. One Gu blackberry and a Gu Vanilla. If they taste good I'll go back and pickup more. I also wrapped my aero bars but didn't have handlebar tape so they are duct tapped. VERY CLASSY. I'm such a noob I can't get over it. Regardless, I feel that my way awesome triathlete skillz (yup, with a "z") jumped a few points. Along with setting up bike shop in my living room, I cleaned out my closet and donated a Subaru Impreza car full (seats down) of clothes, shoes and accessories to Goodwill. My closet, sadly, still looks packed. I'm working out getting rid of junk this year. I went through some paperwork and shredded a ton of old tax stuff (older than 5 yrs) and bills. I had planned on going on a nice bike ride on this sunny day but between Portland, Trivia, Cleaning, and fixing it was 5pm before I got a chance to go out. I rode on my trainer for about 40 minutes and my computer said 15 miles (again, trainer miles so it could mean anything).

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