Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I ventured out to Portlandia this morning at the spry time of 6:30am to meet my friend ZG for a coffee and shoe exchange. I rode the Max in because I'm not stupid enough to drive downtown on the parking lots known as 217 and Hwy 26. I got really ambitious last night and planned to Max into Portland then bike back home. Well it was 31 degrees this morning and my car was frozen over. No biking.

ZG and I met up at a coffee shop called Fehrenbacher Hof in Goose Hollow. ZG picked it because it was German. I agreed because it was right off the Max line.

After coffee and a GF pumpkin muffin we parted out ways and Miss PDX rode her bike to work.

When I got home, I planned to clean out some of my old clothes and donate them to Goodwill. I have a lot of clothes and I don't wear a lot of them. Seeing that I live at home with my mother, I also have some shoes and other things from high school. Here are the piles that would make a hoarder blush:

Yup. 10 pairs of shoes. The clothes I left out are for me mom to sort through. There are more hiding in the bags. She'll probably snag them all since she hates "wasting" things. bah. Is that a strobe light? Yes, yes it is. See that trophy? Yup 1st place dance competition back in the day. GLORY.
Now I'm off to work to play trivia. That is what us cool kids do on out days off.

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