Monday, January 3, 2011

Visitor from India

Today I met up with my best friend ZG to exchange shoes and meet up for some coffee. She spent the last 5 and a half month teaching in India. Asides from being jealous of her adventures, it was good to catch up and learn some things about her trip. ZG has her medical school interview tomorrow so everyone wish her luck! We went over some "typical" med school interview questions and I tried to give my thoughts on appropriate responses. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for her because she would be PERFECT as a med student.

Along with stories, she brought me back from Indian goodies:

Red stone bracelet which I can't wait to wear to work on Wednesday

Himalaya brand lip balm and eyeliner. Supposedly all natural and authentic. I guess everyone uses eyeliner in India. Perfect that eyeliner happens to be my favorite makeup of choice.

Stone elephants

Shoes made from Camel skin. They are hand embroidered and super cute! They are also super uncomfortable but are suppose to mold to your feet after a few wearing. I hope that is true because I love them.

The Beagle was really sick last night and went to the doggie emergency room. They couldn't find anything wrong. He's still a bit lethargic today but after feeding him some chicken broth and a baked potato, he seems to be a little better.

In the mean while he's not complaining about being baby-ed or laying in front of the fire.

Sunday: 2000yd swim with TH
Today: 10 Mile run 1:27:36 time 8:45 pace

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  1. Yay Zoe!! I love all the goods she brought you :) And poor widdle Murphy :( I hope he feels better soon.