Saturday, February 12, 2011

Driving and driving and driving

In a 36 hour time period I drove from Portland to the Bay Area, California and back up.  When I say drive I mean Me driving.  None of this splitting up the drive or anything.  Straight Interstate 5 driving.  I drove back North in the middle of the night.  Nothing like rocking out to some Lady Gaga at 2am over the Siskiyous alone and sketchy rest areas.  Maybe I'll explain why I took this trip later on... Maybe I won't.  Either way... no more long distance driving for me in a long time! 

On another note, I really need to start getting serious about this triathlon training.  I'm hoping to start running again in March. 

I also may have found a place to live this summer.  Yay for not being homeless.

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