Sunday, February 6, 2011


TH, his brothers, ZG and I went to Hoodoo this morning. The boys went snowboarding, ZG andCheck Spelling I went cross country skiing. Neither of us have ever been, it was going to be a guaranteed laugh attack.

At the Beginning

After a shaky initial loop, we felt ballsy and went on the "intermediate" loop. There was a giant hill.

ZG about to embark on "The Hill"

I should preface this with the fact that we don't know how to turn, slow down, or stop. ZG went first. She fell, I laughed, and videotaped. I went second, I laughed, almost took ZG out with my pole, she laughed. Yes, we were THOSE people. Before we met the boys for lunch we decided to do some yoga, or you could call it NorOga. Actually, you can't call it NorOga because ZG and I invented it and have trademark rights to it.

1. Awkward Sit Pose 2. Warrior 3 with Ski Modification

3. Serious Spinx 4. Serious sitting tree pose thing

After lunch, and figuring out how to slow ourselves down we got the hang of things. A little old lady actually was shocked it was our first time and was very impressed. We're going to be in the Olympics someday. Biathlon here we come. That's what everyone is excited for: ZG and Jayme to race on Nordic skis with rifles, shooting at things. yup...that would be super safe.

ZG attempted to skate up a hill. Not a success.

At the end of the day. A little haggard, but we had fun.

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