Sunday, April 3, 2011

First long Bike ride

TH and I rode just a tad under 42 miles on our bikes today.  A few climbs, but nothing crazy.  I started getting emotional (aka hungry) about 19 miles in.  Ate half a SoyJoy bar and a tangerine and felt better.  I also fell off my bike at a stop because I clipped out my right foot as usual, but ended up tipping to my left and couldn't regain my balance.  I fell hard.  I scrapped up my elbow even with thick arm sleeves on.  I also bruised my left shin and I have a funky bruise on the inside of my right forearm where I hit my aerobar elbow rests.  I was pretty tired and my neck was sore from the ride but I am so happy we got to go out and do it. We got home, I drank some almond milk with whey protein and made delicious burgers.  After gorging my face in meat and ketchup, I took a good long 2 hours nap.

We finished off the HEED this weekend from the Beaver Freezer so I looked online to order more.  I first went to get 15% off from a sponsor, but shipping wasn't free unless I spent over $100.  I started thinking more about race nutrition and I really liked the Hammer Perpetuem Solids as well.  I opted out of the sponsor purchase because REI discounts 20% off all nutrition products when you buy 12 or more at full price.  Gels and drinks rarely ever go on sale at REI or online anyways.  They do have their "gel of the month" promos but it's Powerbar gels and I hear they taste like poo and I don't like their ingredients...too much shitty sugar and they include oat and wheat derived sugars and syrups.  Plus I like the Hammer gels and Cliff gels.  I like Cliff because of the sodium since I'm super prone to hyponatremia but I also like Hammer products because they don't include any crap that you don't need.  I ordered 2 26-serving bottles of Hammer gel in raspberry and a handful of Cliff gels in various flavors.  After the 20% off the Hammer gel bottles were only $16!  I've really enjoyed using whey protein so I ordered some Hammer Whey protein.  Costco is probably a tad cheaper, but with the 20%.. it wasn't too bad.    I opted out of getting some Heed becuase it's a ton cheaper in the 80 serving containers and REI only had  the 32 serving can.  I decided to order a can of GU's Electrolyte Brew.  Probably the closest thing to Hammer with a quarter of the price.  Plus the Brew contains more sodium which is a plus for me.  I decided to add on an aero bottle and mount to my order.  All in all I spent  $84.90 in nutrition and $27.99 in my aero drink system (stupid mount).  I plan on purchasing some Hammer Perpetuem Solids at a local store because I don't want or need the giant jug, I only want a couple of 6-pack canisters.  I can't wait to receive my new products and for Mama Bear to lecture me on online shopping.  She should be proud of me for being such a bargain hunter and for keeping my body healthy.

PS:  my biker short tan line is making a comeback!  :)

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