Monday, April 4, 2011

Interested in a Giveaway?


I'm thinking about hosting a product giveaway.  I'm worried that no one will enter.  I need ideas on what you would like to see.  Seeing that only 18 of you officially "follow" me, your odds of winning free stuff  are pretty dang good. 

Yes, that's right, THIS IS A BRIBE.

So far I'm thinking about having a  sampler pack of energy gels and the winner of the giveaway promises to give me their opinion on their favorite, whether it be flavor, ingredients, or brand.

Another idea is that I make some sort of gluten free goody and you trust that my culinary skills aren't horrid.

Those are my 2 ideas, what are yours?

Do you want free stuff?   Comment and let me know what you would like to see and whether or not you would enter.

And no... I will not agree to giveaway a bag of diamonds or a car.  shocking.  :)


  1. I'm your 20th follower! Count me in for whatever giveaway you choose to do, but I rarely participate because I choose not to do facebook or twitter and they always seemed tied to giveaways.

    (Does it help that my real initials are TH??) :)

  2. Don't worry, I'm not sophisicated enough to tie giveaways with facebook and I don't twitter (tweet?). Extra bonus points for the initials. :)

  3. gluten-free chocolate chip cookie dough balls