Tuesday, May 17, 2011


After a rather successful 60 min indoor spin at the gym and some stretching, I attempted a light easy run jog with The Beagle.  I didn't have anything crazy planned, I just wanted to try an easy 3 miles.  I started out at a 10min/mi pace.  An easy, shuffle for me.  Everything felt fine.  At mile 1  my IT band acted up again and my knee started to hurt.  It hurt enough to where I had to stop and walk.  I've ran a half marathon and multiple 5 and 10k in triathlons through pain, fatigue, and aches.  This was too much.  I literally could not run.  I walked the silly mile back home and attempted a few jogging steps.  The pain returned.  At this rate I couldn't even do a measly 5K.  I'm so pissed.  all I can do it stretch and use the foam roller, which I think is helping because the foam roller hurts but gets better with use...

at this rate I'll be happy to do ANY triathlon this spring and Hood to Coast in the summer.  I should be grateful that I can bike without pain and still swim, though pushing off the wall hurts. *sigh*

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