Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Entertainment Disappointment

TH and I love to go see movies at the local independent theater and occasionally, we like to go see local plays.  On Saturday, TH suggested that we go see a local musical called "Kiss Me Kate". 

The musical is about a group of actors performing "The Taming of A Shrew".  The acting was okay.  The lead was sick and could not sing.  I'm not saying she was a bad singer, her cold just didn't let her sing.  Unfortunately, she attempted and it was embarrassing and awkward.  She is also a college friend of mine's mom.  I felt bad, but I felt that they should have done something differently when the lead has laryngitis.  Aside from the voice, the plot just sucked.  It dragged on and on.  TH and I both thought about leaving during intermission, but we felt bad.  We almost walked out a few times during the drawn out second half.  Overall, the music was bad too.   The songs were long and repetitive and BORING.  I don't think different actors would have made a difference, so I'm not blaming the poor showing on the actors.  When the show was finally over (Three LONG hours later) we walked out relieved to be going home. 

I think we'll stick to the independent movies.

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