Saturday, May 14, 2011

Post Law School: week 2

This past week has been quite the wild ride.  Over the weekend I developed a sinus infection.  TH and I successfully did out Ride Around Clark County bike ride with some of his work buddies.  We opted for the 34 miler instead of the 68 since I was sick.  It down poured on us the last 10 miles but nothing to cry about. 

I planted my butt on the couch for the next two days letting all the snot drain from my face.  Monday I went swimming with my mommy and my ears ached so bad from all the pressure.  Tuesday I felt a tad better and decided to go for a run.  I scheduled 6 miles with The Beagle.  After 2.5 miles my right knees started to hurt like a bitch.  I walked the next half mile and tried to run again.  It hurt instantly.  I've had knee issues since I was 9 but this was different.  I wouldn't just run through the pain.  This girl f-ed up her IT band.  AAAAAAAARH.   I walked the rest of the way home and even Momma Bear asked me what took me so long.  I took the rest of the week off from working out because I was only getting sicker.  I started coughing a ton and so from Wednesday until Friday it was HGTV, OWN, and the Food Network with a few Real Housewives of New York thrown in.  Friday evening I made my way back to Poo-gene (that's Eugene for you foreigners) and hung out with my new roommates.  Last night My wonderful friend from high school (the amazing swimmer) told me to transfer my Rev3 registration to her.  What a lifesaver!  The IT Band issue really just sealed the deal for me.  This morning I rode my commuter bike to the gym and lifted a few weights then swam a 2300.  The swim actually was great and I think my body was happy to do something physical after taking nearly a week off.  I forgot how comfy the commuter bike is.  I have  Landrider guys.
Stolen, "borrowed" Dollar Tree basket is a nice touch.

 Yes, that's right the one from the infomercials.  I actually hate it.  It has an auto-shift thingy that really just sucks, but it was given to me for free so no complaints.  it is super comfy though with it's giant tires and padded seat.  It makes my road bike feel like a torture device.  I also forgot how slow it is compared to a road bike.  The rest of my weekend will be spent up in Corvallis with TH helping him guard his house.  His roommates dog ate (yup..ATE) his front door with he will be front door-less while it's getting fixed this weekend.  Can't wait to spend this last weekend with my AMAZING boyfriend until the craziness of BARBRI.  blah
After carrying my Mom's dog 2 miles during the Jule Run the other weekend.

The Beagle and His lover-Sharkie-toy

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