Sunday, May 29, 2011

Goodbye Freedom

The first thing I get to do as a doctor is spend the entire next 8 weeks studying 8-10 hours a day (including weekends) learning everything I was suppose to learn in law school in order to pass the doom known as the Bar Exam.  My degree means nothing without passing the Bar.  For those who do not know, the exam is offered twice a year (always in February and July) and covers 2 days of examination. 

With Rev 3 Portland off my schedule I'm kind of lost in my training.   Running has come to a standstill though I was able to slowly run a mile without pain the other day.  I was scared to go further.  Biking is still at a standstill since it's still cold and wet here in Oregon.  Yup, 45 and raining.  It's May 29th.   I did go on a 22 mile ride with TH on Saturday and we were lucky to avoid rain, though the roads were still wet from the downpours the night before and it was freezing.  I wore arm warmers and a jacket.  Swimming has continued but this shall also become interesting as my school gym membership expired come June 2nd as I am no longer a student.  

With lack of free time and any structured training, the future of this little bloggy-poo for the next 2 months will be up in the air.  I will return but for now, don't expect to see anything on a regular schedule.

Did you know that a law degree is one of the only (if not ONLY) professional doctorate degree that does not refer to its holders as "Doctor"?  The title "Esquire" has some interesting history of itself though I would hardly want to compare lawyers to knighthood.

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