Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekend in Review

Saturday morning started with a beautiful partly cloudy, but sunny enough for a long run with ZG.  We ran 8 miles around the University of Portland and St. Johns area.  The run was flat and the temperature was perfect.  Low 50's. 

After our run, I drove down to meet TH for a fundraiser dinner for Rett Syndrome. 

What is Rett syndrome?
Rett Syndrome (RTT) is a unique neurodevelopmental disorder which begins to show its affects in infancy or early childhood. It is seen almost exclusively in females, although it can occur rarely in boys. It is found in all racial and ethnic groups throughout the world.
I hadn't washed my hair for 5 days....errr

Through the dinner, silent auction, and other contributions, the family was able to donate $140,000 to the IREA.  How crazy is that.  Each dinner ticket was $100 so I guess that really adds up  This is extremely important since a cure for the syndrome is just a hair out of reach (They've already cured mice).  To learn more about Rett Syndrome you can check out their website HERE

Sunday started with my move back to Eugene for the summer.  TH and I then took advantage of the 70 degrees sunny weather and biked back up to Corvallis (47 miles).  We both got sunburned and we were wiped after facing the headwinds.  I made my way back to Eugene, unpacked and got settled. 

Today is my last day of class.  EVER.  (well, minus Bar Prep classes.) 

Did you have a productive weekend?  Any good training stories?  Stories about the weather?

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  1. Your weekend was pretty similar to mine. I spent it with my beautiful girlfriend.