Tuesday, September 14, 2010

MAC Dash SPrint Triathlon

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TH, a friend, and I were over in Madras this weekend for the 2nd Annual Mac Dash Sprint Triathlon. This was more of a mini-tri because the swim was only 500m. This was the same distance of teh Beaver Freezer back in April. My goal going into the event was to just see an improvement upon my Beaver Freezer time of 1:31. For those who don't know, Madras is in central Oregon (by Bend) and it's gorgeous there. The morning was clear but cold. I was glad I didn't start until 9:20. TH started at 8:20, his friend ES, started at 7:30. I was able to see both TH and ES finish their swims and bikes. TH had a personal best in the swim and I was proud becuase I know how hard he worked to get better at swimming.

The Swim:

I was unable to find ES or TH before my swim so I headed over to the pool and warmed up. I was nervous because my 500M times in practice were a lot slower than they had been in the Beaver Freezer. I also haven't been training as much as I should have been. I only had to share the lane with one other person so we were able to split the lane. THe race started and I just tried to swim fast and not go out too strong. My lane buddy was about half a length ahead of me the entire time. When I finally got out of the pool, TH and ES were there to cheer me on. TH told me I had a time of 8:40. this totally got be pumped because this was a PR. All in all, a good swim.

The Bike:

I hadn't rode my bike since the last triathlon (Blue Lake). I was able to get some pointers from TH. Apparently the bike would be hilly. Well TH was right, the bike was full of hills. 13 miles went a heck of a lot faster then my usual 26ish miles in teh Olympic distance. I don't really remember what was going through my mind. I did feel a bit slow.

The Run:
Again with tips from TH, I was prepared to finish up the race with the run. Mile 1 included a giant hill. I wasn't too turned off by this since my Hood to Coast legs involved hills. Mile 2 was flat and took us around an open park. Mile 3 was stright down hill and around the track.

My overall time was around 1:22. I was stoked because I had a nearly 10 minute faster time that Beaver Freezer and this was a Much hillier course. My run time was also faster and I was happy with my split: 25min.

I ended up getting 2nd in my division, 6th overall women, and 48th overall (silly men).

Below are pictures I stole from the racesite:
Look how ridiculous I look on the run.

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