Saturday, April 23, 2011

King Estate 5K

I traveled down to Eugene with run a 5K with my friend AJ.  I was scheduled for my long run today, but I'm glad we only did a 5K since my shins and ankle have been bothering me.  Got up early,cleaned house, and dyed Easter eggs.  Drove down south and went to the race.  The weather was perfect.  65 and sunny.  The race started out fine.  Crowded at the start but little did I know I had 2 giant hills to run up on gravel roads.  Because of the gravel, I twisted my ankle twice.  That SUCKED.  The run was HARD.  I hate hills and well, there was quite the elevation gain.  I finished with a major case of chaffing.  I can't walk now.  great.  I love that my thighs rub...not.  I finished with a time of 27:17:18 and a distance of 3.26 ( I started in the middle of the pack)  There was no chip timing. I've never struggled to run so much for 27 minutes!  My triathlon 5Ks are faster then that.  I ran a 24min 5K at Beaver Freezer.  oye.  Anyways, We got a glass of wine at the end and went home.  The End.

1/19 age group; 20th woman; 66/379 overall.  I've never gotten 1st in my age group so that was cool, despite the slow time.

Last week I was able to do my 50mi bike ride.  It was hard.  I got 2 flats.  I survived.  Rev3 will be rough!  I have another 50 scheduled for tomorrow but I have a lot of stuff to get done.  *sigh*

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