Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rainy Day

I'm so sick and tired of the weather.  I haven't seen sunshine in forever and at this point I'm happy with overcast gray skies as long as it's not raining.  It'd also be nice to get above 55 for once.  I had my long run planned for today.  The forecast was for clear skies.   They lied.  It was a constant stream of rain the whole freaking day. It was also just below 50 degrees.  Finally by 4:30 I decided to head out and go for my run.  I was dreading every, single moment of it. 
Not thrilled to be heading outside.

TH has been off running a mini version of the Hood to Coast relay down south.  It's from Roseburg to Coos Bay and is about 67 miles.  Instead of 12 runners, there's only 5 per team.   I got a text an hour ago stating that TH's team won the entire race.   Of course they did.  TH was the slowest one on the team and he's fast!  

I know I live in Oregon and it rains here but if this keeps up, I'm moving to the desert.  

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