Monday, April 11, 2011

A Very Portlandia Weekend

I don't think I could have had a more "Portlandia" weekend if I tried.  Friday I biked out from where I live all the way out to Oregon Health Sciences University which is on top of a giant hill.  It was suppose to be a 18 mileish ride, but I got a bit turned around on some of the roads and I made the trip just over 20 miles.  It also took me 2 hours.  WOW.  After getting to my destination and eating some BBQed salmon, TH, our friends, and I went out to the Blazer/LA Lakers game and were happy to see that the Blazers won.  While we were waiting for out bus back home, SoyJoy was handing out free bars so naturally, we grabbed as many as we could. Saturday morning, I met up with my friend ZG for a run in the Pearl (NW Portland) and along the waterfront.  We stopped by the farmer's market and after sampling a ton of goat cheese, I headed back home.  I later returned back to Portland because TH and his friend JD had tickets to a high school basketball tournament.  MD and I went for a 3.2 mile run around the hills there.  I was a lil tired from the morning run, but the 3 miles still felt good.  Sunday, TH, his mom, and brother and all of out dogs went to the Jules Fun Run down in Salem.  I think we can agree that we had the most unbehaved dogs there, but probably the cutest.  The run was just a quick 2 miles around a park.  I had Momma Bear's dog (aka my half sister).  She decided that she was done running after mile marker 1.  I got the pleasure of carrying her the remaining mile.  I got a wonderful forearm workout and we still finished the 2 miles under 23 minutes. 

After the run :)

I had a 50 mile bike ride scheduled for Sunday.  I just didn't have the motivation, energy, or time to do it.  the weather was threatening to rain and it was windy. 

This has me worried that I won't be prepared for Rev3 come July.  I can blame the weather all I want, but I really just need to get things together and go outside!