Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hello folks!

I've safely arrived back home from the East Coast and dodged getting struck by lightening (thanks TH!) and the earthquake.  I stayed with my dad in Alexandria, VA for the past 2 weeks and spent nearly everyday touring our nation's capitol.  TH flew in and spent 7 days with me during my time there.  The weather was less humid then average for the region, but still bad for Oregon standards!

I did all the typical touristy things you can do.  I saw the majority of the Smithsonian museums, toured the national monuments and walked and took the Metro everywhere.  I even met up with a law school classmate for lunch and was able to venture out into the "real" DC and see some culture.

Some places I visited:
  • National Space and Air Museum - reminded me of OMSI
  • Hirshhorn Museum - cool modern art
  • National Museum of Natural History - spent 2 days in the minerals exhibit:  METEORITES!
  • American History Museum:  cool pop culture things (Ruby red slippers anyone?)
  • National Portrait Gallery and the American Art Gallery - meh...
  • White House
  • Washington Monument
  • Holocaust Museum- yikes and very educational
  • American Indian Museum- I only spent  few minutes there coz I was pooped
  • Jewish Military Museum
  • Lincoln Memorial
  • WWII Memorial
  • Arlington
  • Mt Vernon
  • Old Town Alexandria
  • Library of Congress
  • And a bunch of others I prob forgot to mention.
My favorite highlight included a 11 mile running loop TH and I did to see the city.  I also learned that my IT Band still hated me. 

I was unable to see to Supreme Court due to it being closed (sad face!) it was the ONE thing I REALLY wanted to see.  I did see the outside.  It was beautiful.  The capitol building was also equally impressive.  I've been to many historical sites in other countries and it was amazing to see my own nation's historical buildings and appreciate the amount of hard work and artistic details that went into every single structure. 

The Original G Dub's Pad at Mt. Vernon. (I know, by crotch offends me too)

View of the Potomac River

Us after an evening of Sangria and jazz music at the National Gallery of Art Garden

The usual.

The humidity gives me volume. (Mind my face. This was taken right after I woke up.)

It was great to spend the time with my dad and see bits and pieces of the East Coast and the South.

Some things I learned:
  • People in the east coast ARE more harsh then over here in the West coast.  I don't mean that as an insult.  The attitude is just different.  Things just run at a quicker pace.  
  • Cars will not stop and slow down for you at cross walks.  Thank you Corvallis and most of Portland for being so pedestrian friendly!
  • Chiggers.  Stupid flea-like bugs.  I was a dumb Oregonian and walked through tall grass with shorts on.  oops.
  • There are a lot of Black people in DC.  Is that legit to say?  I'm from Oregon so this was quite an eye-opener for me.  
  • We really are a bunch of laid back hippies over here in the PNW.  No, really.
  • People run for cover when it rains over there for a reason.  3 inches in a few hours?  Lightening? Flooded Metro system?  yikes.  It WAS fun to run through it with TH and get drenched and a bunch of weird looks.  A lot of comments like "you must be from Oregon"
  • 7-11 Slurpees are a God-send.
  • I really love the NW and am more thankful for the beautiful place I call home!
I can't keep track of the jobs I've applied for so far.  Someone PLEASE HIRE ME.  I swear I have a brain.  Come on, I at least have a pretty face and am somewhat decent to look at in the office.  Yes?   I will bring cookies!

I'm off to run/walk Hood to Coast again this Friday and Saturday.  I have no clue if I can even run due to my damned IT band.  Ah.  I hate not being able to run.  boooo.    At least I trained my power walking skillz over the past couple of weeks.

--Are you running H2C?

---Have you been to the Capitol?  What did you enjoy while you were there?

--What's your dream job?

--Why does no one comment anymore?  (oh right.  I don't post anymore. haha  I'z so smartz)

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